Covid-19 Note to our members (updated May 26, 2021)

Club Members,


This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and some of you will be using the Club. The Board has adopted the following interim policy on Club usage effective May 29.  The Board will meet in June to discuss and consider revisions to policies as new guidance is issued by the CDC and the Commonwealth relating to workplace safety, operation of marinas, and sailing programs. 


General rule:

No individual who has any symptoms of COVID-19 is allowed to be on Club property until 24 hours after symptoms have resolved.  No individual who has tested positive for COVID -19 is allowed to be on Club property until 48 hours after a negative COVID test.


Access to the docks, beach, and kayaks: 

Fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask or physically distance when using outdoor facilities at the Club. (“Fully vaccinated” means 14 days after the second shot or after the J&J single-dose shot.)  However, consistent with current CDC guidance, those who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask and physically distance. Of course, any individual may choose to wear a mask and physically distance at any time, regardless of vaccination status.  


Access to the Clubhouse or other indoor spaces:

The Clubhouse will remain closed during this period. The Board expects that the Clubhouse will be re-opened during the season with some restrictions after new guidance is issued.


As before, if you need something from the Clubhouse this weekend call the Club at 508 636-5422 or Frank Ray on his cell phone to discuss your need.


The Board is working to make 2021 as safe and enjoyable as possible for all of us.



The Club Board



Are you ready for a great season on the water in 2021?

We are now actively preparing for our 2021 season. Once again our youth sailing program is open to the public. The program will run from June 28 through August 13. For more information click on the sailing program link on this page.      For our members, slips and docks are being prepared and our summer activities are shaping up. 


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