Covid-19 Note to our members

Club Members,


The Club Board has continued to meet regularly to assess how well the current Covid-19 policies are working and what changes should be made as we enter Phase 3 and the virus driven landscape changes. 


Effective immediately the Club is open for the following activities: access to boats, access to specific designated areas of the beach respecting social distancing requirements, access to the deck between 5:00 and 9:00 pm only - by appointment, and the Junior sailing program. Details of these and a few other issues are discussed below.


Compliance – Compliance has marginally improved since my last update; however, we still find people on the docks (especially) and other places on Club property without masks. Please comply with these rules and convey them to everyone in your family. The Club Board takes seriously its responsibility for the safety of our members in these times. If you are not wearing a mask you will be asked to put one on. If you don't have one, you’ll be asked to leave.  The Board has asked the Steward to note members who are not following Club policies.


Masks – Masks are required at all times while on Club property except when properly social distanced in a designated area on the beach or while swimming in front of that area or while observing social distancing using the deck by reservation during designated hours. 


Gate (when there is no gatekeeper) – The gate will be kept closed. Please close it after you enter and also when you leave.


Gate (when there is a gatekeeper) – When a gatekeeper is present, stop and give him or her your name, and other requested information. display your parking tag. 


Beach - State guidelines require a 12-ft buffer between groups at a beach. The Club has staked out six [did Josie say 6 in her email?] group locations running north-south along the beach. Locate your group within one of these marked locations. Beach use will be on a first come basis.  No beach use is permitted outside the designated areas.


Deck usage – The deck can be used by  reservation between the hours of 5pm and 9pm only. Call the Stewards cell phone (refer to July 13 Covid-19 Update #6 Correction email for phone number) to book the date and time. You must receive confirmation from a Club representative.  Groups on the deck are limited to no more than ten (10) people. For the protection of others chairs, tables, and touch points should be sprayed before leaving with the supplied spray bottle of disinfectant. It is recommended that they also be sprayed before use for your own protection. State guidelines require that social distancing be practiced.  No fires in the fire pit.  


Docks – Swimming off boating docks is still not allowed by state Phase 3 guidelines or Club policy.  Docks are still to be used only for access to boats. No fishing, lingering or swimming off docks.


Portable Johns – As soon as possible two portable johns will be located on Club premises. They will be professionally sanitized weekly and disinfected daily. Users should disinfect touch surfaces before and after use. Disinfectant solution will be provided.  Users will have to assume the risk that a prior user has not properly disinfected the porta-john.


Clubhouse – There is no access to the clubhouse, office, bathrooms, or decks (except that decks may be accessed by reservation – see above).  To speak with staff, call the Club.  Please recognize that current state guidelines do not permit staff to handle lines or assist members in ways that they have assisted where possible in the past.  The staff has been instructed to respect those guidelines.



The Club Board



Are you ready for a great season on the water in 2021?

We are now actively preparing for our 2021 season. Once again our youth sailing program is open to the public. The program will run from June 28 through August 13. For more information click on the sailing program link on this page.      For our members, slips and docks are being prepared and our summer activities are shaping up. 


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