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Information regarding suggested 2023 By-Law amendments

Over the last several years, the Board has noted provisions in the By-Laws that it believed should be updated or amended.  The last By-Law revisions were in 2007 and those were directed at specific provisions.  Last summer, the Board created a special committee consisting of Gib Hedstrom, Christopher Panos, and Don Williams to undertake a comprehensive review of the By-Laws and make recommendations to the full Board.  The committee and Board have worked since then to gain consensus on and draft amendments that would be recommended for approval by the membership and have consulted with counsel on the language of the amendments.  The Board has unanimously approved the suggested amendments, subject to receiving and considering comments from the membership.  


On this page are links to a draft of the proposed amendments (both clean and redlined) along with comments about substantive amendments. 


  • The Board will host an informal information session at the Club on August 19, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. to answer questions and receive comments.  

  • You are also welcome to send comments to for consideration by the Board. Feel free to copy Club Secretary Gib Hedstrom via   

  • We are also doing a final review for typos, inconsistencies, and cross references.


You will see that the proposed amendments include updated language to address gender references and other language usage, as well as legal compliance.  There are also some substantive proposed amendments that we do not expect to be particularly controversial that attempt to clarify and streamline meeting and proxy procedures, clarify when electronic transmission of notices and proxies is permitted, restructure the nominating committee process, and incorporate and refine certain long-standing membership policies.  


Thank you,


Mike Silverman and the SRC Board of Directors

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