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informal social gatherings


Members are welcome and encouraged to use the deck and grills for informal gatherings when the Club is not hosting an event or being rented by a member, under the following guidelines:


1)  Inform the Steward if you plan to use the facilities for an informal gathering; 

2)  An adult Club member must be present during the entire event and ensure that the facilities are cared for and left in good order; 

3)  All fires in the fire pit must be extinguished with ample water (we have had instances of fires being reignited by the wind, if not properly doused).


Please share grills and deck areas with other families/groups using the Club at the same time.  The Club may be opened, after regular hours, if a Club Officer or Director is present.  Otherwise, a Port-a-John is available south of the driveway.


Prior approval must be obtained from the Steward, if any member wishes to bring more than 8 guests or coordinate with another member the use of Club facilities by more than 8 guests. 


Upon consultation with the Officers or the Board, the Steward may determine that a large number of guests or their vehicles would infringe upon the enjoyment of the Club by members and may deny or limit a member’s request.  This may be the case during periods of high member use, such as holidays or weekends.


If you have a guest arriving in his/her own vehicle, please remember to introduce him/her to the Steward and request a Guest Parking Pass.  Only cars with parking passes may park in the Club parking lot.  A limited number of Guest Parking Passes will be available on holidays and weekends. (Guest – Any person who is not a Club member or a member’s child under the age of 26.)


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